Enstyler for International Sites

Enstyler also supports all international Pepper sites.

Install Enstyler

Getting Started

Advanced Use

  • 1 - EASY AND SIMPLE - Install a UserScript Plugin

    Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge: Install Tampermonkey
    Firefox mobile: Tampermonkey (FF57+) Install USI (beta)
    Yandex mobile: Install Tampermonkey
    Chrome mobile: sorry, no Plugins possble!

    Yandex mobile is a Chrome-based, fast mobile browser. It can load plugins from Chrome and Opera Appstore. [Android] [Apple iOS]

  • 2- UNIQUE STYLES - Install Enstyler from GREASYFORK!
    That's it, from now on you can use the Enstyler on all Pepper sites.

  • Alternative - CSS ONLY - If your Browser does not support UserScript or you do not trust Ensytler, you can also try to install the CSS from USERSTLYE.
Enstlyer Einstellungen

Getting Started

Enstyler Settings are integrated in the site menu.  

In the menu of MyDealz and all supported Pepper pages you will find an entry for invoking the settings of the enstyler.

Here you can also find the link to the homepage of Enstyler.

CSS Optionen

Enstyler Configuration

Section Design

You can find the CSS Options, Update Enstyler, and No Cookies buttons under SubDesign Settings. Update and No Cookies would only be displayed in Firefox.

To change the MyDealz design, click CSS Options

Basic Configuration

Basic Configuration

Standard Settings

On smartphones or tablets can it be useful to activate touch support, then some controls are enlarged.

The default configuration of Enstyler should fit for the very best administrator. If you stick with the mouse on an option, a help text is displayed.

Design wählen

CSS Options

Choose you Design

Click on CSS options for changing the design of MyDealz. If you only have the design without Enstyler installed, click here >>

The settings for the design should be self-explanatory, you should just know that all settings that start with "..." are only active when Navigation & Design is set to Enstyler.

By default, all annoying things on MyDealz are turned off. In the second block you can put them back to original.

Finally, you can still select the emojies and the MyDealz logo. Important: The selected logo will only be displayed if you also select myLogo instead of Original.

To save the settings, click Save Options and then Save again in the Enstyler.

Show Fullscreen

More Dealz on your screen

You want to see as many Dealz as you can? Then try the setting
list view more compact together with the text view of MyDealz. On a smartphone or tablet, this is not useful.

Blacklist Dealz

Blacklist Dealz

Mo more unwanted Dealz

With Enstlyer, you can hide Dealz and Comments that contain certain words, have been set by @Users or are colder than the specified temperature.

Enter the terms separated by comma into the blacklist and put before users a "@". The point "." stands for any character. Dealz with terms from the Whitelist are never blinded.

Enstyler spanisch

Automatic Translation

You can enable automatic translation by selecting the Enstyler language.

Compile the deal title and the deal description. Select auto to turn off automatic translation


Snychronisation between devices

To save and synchronize your settings between several devices simply enter a minimum 6-digit SnycID.

From now on, the Enstlyer configuration is stored on my server when you klick on Save and the last stored settings are loaded with Synchronize.

With Autosync we synchronized the last-respected deal between devices.

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